The Gallery of the Faculty of Art of the Pedagocical University

Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 6:30 pm

Address: 43 Mazowiecka street


Piotr Idzi


Natalia Kopytko

Event description

It’s an individual exhibition of Piotr Idzi, who creates his objects in the 3D environment. CMOS – in electronics a layout of multiple light-sensitive elements, allowing us to save pictures. Large-size 3D prints shown refer to the CMOS. They create an area in which reality stops being obvious.

Gallery description

The gallery of the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University, located at 43 Mazowiecka street in Cracow showcases works and artistic actions of students and mature creators. It also organizes meetings with artists. The Gallery’s programme includes cooperation and exchange of experiences with universities from Poland and other countries. It aims to reach this goal through presenting exhibitions and joing in artistic projects.
Another aim of the gallery is to promote intermedial works of the Faculty’s students and academics among Cracow’s and world wide audience.