The pole in the yard of the Faculty of Graphics

IinItegration of small and medium living accommodations with research units of the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. III exhibition of the Cracow’s Academics Collective


Artur Blusiewicz, Tomasz Daniec, Marcin Dymek, Joanna Kaiser, Olga Neugebauer, Mateusz Otręba, Anna Rakoczy, Katarzyna Skrobiszewska, Zofia Szczęsna, Dariusz Vasina, Jakub Woynarowski


Zofia Szczęsna


Karmelicka 16


QR code will be available on the pole in the yard of the Faculty from 13.06.2021

Event description 

A virtual walk through the spaces in which teachers of the Faculty of Drawing and Painting conduct online classes is a context for the film by Olga Neugebauer. She showed how the students are dealing with isolation, remote studying and themselves locked in a small space. In the teachers’ rooms we can see other signs and results of online work and their struggles with space and their own creations in times of the apocalypse.

Description of the place:

The yard of one of the Faculty of Graphics’s buildings.