Zamkowa 16
Zamkowa 16/11

the truth is we never left

laboratory section


Marcin Kulawik, Joanna Sitarz, Konrad Gubała, Kornel Leśniak, Ewelina Figarska, Jan Kowal, Samuel Kłoda


Julia Szemplińska


Zamkowa 16
Zamkowa 16/11


20.04.2024 – 15:00


20–21.04.2024 – 15:00–18:00
22–23.04.2024 – closed
24–26.04.2024 – 15:00–18:00


The exhibition “the truth is we never left” is about the origins and beginnings of sensitivity. Inseparable from nature, it shows the important place of the countryside in our lives. It is about escaping from the countryside to the city to gain freedom and be ourselves – these expectations are not always fulfilled. The smells and colors will transport us to the countryside, which for some was a place of vacation and for others an everyday life. During the opening you will be able to see and eat roasted potatoes, while during the finisage we will give away potatoes from the exhibition.


Zamkowa 16 is the tenement house in the basement of which Joanna Sitarz and Marcin Kulawik set up their studios. The priority was price and artist-friendly administration. During Cracow Art Week, our basements will undergo a metamorphosis and transform from Cracow urban spaces to rural ones.

Zamkowa 16 | Zamkowa 16/11