The X/Ray Files


Aleksander Janicki


Apteka Janicki Gallery
Józefińska 43


19/06 | 8 p.m.

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Event description

Symbolicaly a ray is an element of emanation, an attribute of the holiness, spiritual light. In medicine it is an X-ray. It’s a stream of sunlight, a straight connecting the middle of the wheel or a ball. It is also a stream of particles emitted by entities. The title suggests a relation to a TV series combining multiple genres: action, horror, sci-fi? What about Dzeus II? APTEKA Janicki Gallery gives hope for answers. Soon!

Description of the place

I! Gallery’s younger sister, Aleksander Janicki’s author’s gallery. It is the headquaters of the AYA Found foundation which combines artistic endeavors with social contexts. It is located in a former pharmacy, where prescriptions were realized, sold medicines, where people came to look for solace and hope in their ailments. Nowadays this place offers a different kind of cure, a ‘medicine for all that is wrong’ available to everyone on blank prescription notes.