There used to be sea here


Martyna Kielesińska, Cyryl Polaczek


Potencja Gallery
Rakowicka 11a


19/06 | 5:30 p.m.

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Event description

The ‘There used to be sea here’ exhibition is a result of collaboration of two artists from Cracow – Martyna Kielesińska and Cyryl Poleczek. They are sharing their fantasies of the future by creating visions of a postapocalyptic cityscapes. Objects and installations presented on the exhibition were inspired by situations seen in deserted parts of the city, in the suburbs or in many empty buildings.

Description of the place

POTENCJA – an artistic collective created in 2016 by Karolina Jabłońska, Tomasz Kręcicki and Cyryl Polaczek. Their work consists of organizing exhibitions in Potencja Gallery, producing movies, posters, flyers, props, costumes, scenography and music. Since 2018 they are publishing the ‘Łałok’ magazine, cocreated with invited artists from all over Poland.


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