Online event | City of Women


Natalia Borowicz


Piotr Koralewski


Trzecie Oko Gallery
Bocheńska 5

Event description 

I have been a different person for a year, looking at the world from a completely different perspective and feeling something change in me every day. A few years ago I was walking down the road of my city and in a shop’s window I saw a reflection of a woman that scared me – I saw myself. It was a moment when I decided to take better care of myself. I used to be like the mannequins standing still without the right to speak, being moved around until the moment somebody throws them away. City of Women was my voice, the only way to express my thoughts.

Description of the place

Private Photographic Gallrey existing in Cracow for 9 years. Organized exhibitions of exceptional photography artists from all over the world. The gallery cooperates with Leica, a producer of optic and photographic equipment. The gallery participated in three editions of KRAKERS.