Trzecie Oko Gallery

Colours of Lviv

Start: 13.04.2019, Time: 6 pm

Address: 5 Bocheńska street


Natalia Lisek-Borowicz


Piotr Koralewski

Event description

For me, Lviv is both an escape from my everyday life and a place where I feel like at home. The people I’ve met there took me with their kindness and optimism.
The first time I’ve been there I was searching for my own way of looking at it. When leaving I knew that I will come back. It happened a year later and I returned with new thoughts and the title of an exhibition.

Just as other big European cities Lviv is undergoing change, and I am not sure whether I like it or not. Intuitively I began searching signs of the past. The places I’ve found before turned out to be cliches and I had to look out for new ones. Eventually, I’ve stumbled upon an old market reminding me of my childhood, I got lost in alleys and met many wonderful people.

Lviv is not a city you visit once or twice. It leaves a permanent mark.

Opis galerii

Galeria Trzecie Oko to komercyjna Galeria fotograficzna. W kwietniu 2019 będzie obchodziła 7 urodziny. Wpisana trwale w Krakowski pejzaż kulturalny. Od 5 lat współpracuje w Fundacją Wschód Sztuki w ramach Krakers.