Maria Ciborowska, Marcin Dymek, Radim Koros, Krzysztof Marchlak, Grzegorz Siembida, Marta Antoniak, Julius Reichel


Maria Ciborowska & Radim Koros


UFO Art Gallery

ul. Krakowska 13


Opening: 23.10 at 8pm

Event description

What is it all truly about in the string of events, where energy fluctuates by itself in a closed circuit, which changes everything and expands in itself. On a Black Hole, in the Event Horizon we touch impressions with the help of paint, dreams fly one after another and we catch delicate smudges one by one. What we’ll weave of them depends on us. What you will see in it – this is the grand question.

Gallery description

UFO Art Gallery, The Unrecognized Fields Of Art Gallery is an off-space created by two painters – Maria Ciborowska and Radim Koros. The UFO Maniphesto shines a light on the way to understand art presented here – mostly paintings and graphics, but also sculptures and objects being at the borders of domains – created by mostly young artists.