Ultimate hits for apocalypse


Empire of the Spirit (Ola Korzelska, Piotr Pulda Płucienniczak, Łukasz Podgórni), Laura Grudniewska i Iwo Rachwał, Marcin Oz, Prochy (Beniamin Kociołek, Kuba Marzec), Piotrowska/Szczęśniak (Sara Piotrowska i Maciej Szczęśniak)


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak


Rynek Podgórski 8 and online http://piotrowskaszczesniak.com/


13/06 | 8 p.m.

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Event description

As the face of the clock the area of arctic ice is shrinking in the form of a Fibonacci Spiral in a common, interspecies countdown. In the face of ever clearer signs of anthropocene ending we are meeting in a group of friends to record a personal soundtrack of the catastrophic reality with a hope that it will become the background to admire the least appreciated present. Let’s invite the neighbours, let’s hug the dog, turn on the record player. Let our house burn.

Description of the place

A place with a mission, supporting art and walks. Kiosk is a part of the Spacer Foundation which we have started to provide everybody with equal access to art. Every creator is invited if they want to show their works or perform in the kiosk.

To everybody wanting to get to know and support lokal art we suggest to take a walk to Rynek Podgórski 8. Asia, Natalia i Bartek