Are you interested in art and want to get to know Cracow’s artistic environment? Look closely at how well-known galleries or ephemeral activities and projects of local artists function? Volunteering for Cracow Art Week KRAKERS is a great opportunity to get to know interesting places and make new friends. Spend April with art!

Cracow Art Week KRAKERS is an event consolidating Cracow’s artistic milieu. In April, we will host dozens of events devoted to contemporary art, including vernissages, meetings with artists and collectors of works of art, guided tours of galleries, a film program and workshops.

Volunteering will allow you to learn about the functioning of the gallery from various activity profiles, look at how cooperation with artists is really like in practice, how to organize exhibitions, and promotional activities. You will learn about the environment of gallerists, artists, curators and art enthusiasts. You will become part of a large cyclical cultural event and learn about the mechanisms that make it. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us using the form available at

We guarantee voluntary agreements and issuing reference letters confirming the experience gained.

Applications for volunteering during the first edition of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS (08-15 / 04/2019) are accepted until 23 March 2019.

Join us now!