Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 8 pm

Address: 31 Grzegórzecka street


Justyna Dziabaszewska, Karolina Mądrzecka, Lena Lubińska


Magdalena Adameczek

Event description

We are preparing an exhibition in the context of working through everyday life intensified in the objects created through a laborious process. It will also refer to the revival of the artistic craft. The exhibition’s title – Handjob – wears down the pathos connected with the contemporary meaning of this term. The artists will show works that were hand-woven, large format textiles, and etchings in copper.

Gallery description

The idea for the ‘Widna’ space has its beginning in the need to create contextual narrations related to publishing experience. It has a non-commercial character, deriving from the need to exchange artistic ordeals.