Zofia Weiss Gallery


Start: 13.04.2019, Time: 4 pm

Address: 17/4 Czysta street


Susanna Storch


Zofia Weiss

Event description

An exhibition of paintings by a German artist Susanna Storch in an answer to famous words of Stanisław Lem: ‘The man went out to meet other worlds, other civilization without getting to know his own home…’. Her art, kept in the figurative realism trend, is focused on an anonymous human being in its everyday activities, chosen at random from the context of life in a big city: Paris, Prague, London, Frankfurt, Tallinn and Cracow where the border between the public and private space disappears almost completely.

Gallery description

The gallery of Zofia Weiss is located in the area of Cracow’s Old Town, about 150m from the Main Market Square. It occupies the space on the first floor of a house at 12 Sławkowska street. It is a place connected with art for almost a hundred years. The gallery’s aim is to promote the works of Polish artist of the young and medium generation, deriving mostly from Cracow and associated with the Academy of Fine Arts. It also organizes individual and group exhibitions and provides factual support for many publications. Zofia Weiss Gallery also has multiple exhibition spaces at its disposal.