Cyanotype is the light sensitivity of the iron salts. It has a characteristic, monochromatic image with a blue tint. It is one of the oldest techniques, allowing the user to create just a singular picture. Ann Atkins has created her negatives of algae almost 200 years ago, but the freshness of the form is stunning. It seems as if after shortening the exposure process the time itself got reduced. Working with cyanotype is a sensual experience of 'Science and Art’. Seeing this relation between art and science, despite a huge 'progress’ in both areas is still great, and yesterday from 177 years ago is just as white-and-blue as yesterday from today.
In 1976 Brian O’Doherty published a collection of essays under the title Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space, which appeared in Poland in 2015. By this time the fashion for a white cube gallery seems to have faded, however, it is still holding strong, mostly due to practical and financial reasons. During this meeting, we will be reading more or less random fragments of the book. Feel free to come and join us in reading and in the discussion.