Would you believe me if I told you that I have almost touched the Moon? Would you laugh at me if I told you that the Moon is hidden in Cracow? I will tell you a secret – many years ago a small piece of the Silver Globe arrived in our city. They say that it was hidden in the most unexpected place, probably for safety reasons. The only problem is – I don’t know where. Only the most cunning detectives will be able to face this challenge. Will they find out where is the rock hidden and who brought it to Cracow?

We invite you for a detective’s walk through Nowa Huta, during which we will see such beautifully designed, exceptional places like the People’s Theater and Lord’s Ark.

In the age of the crisis of direct contact between people…come and visit art yourself! Art that is already established and appreciated, but also temporary, parked or moored here just for a while. Let’s discover, touch and talk!

We’ve chosen routes that will allow the participants to find out about the circle of galleries, ateliers and other places being a part of the contemporary art environment – and there are lots of those! Some are deeply hidden in the city’s tissue, others are placed by the most representative streets and known for a long time. You might be surprised, how close and how strong the pulse of art beats in Cracow, conquering the most unexpected areas. Our meetings will allow us to take part in the unique, direct dialogue with people creating and maintaining those places and with the artist who fill them with their works. Let’s give our smartphones a rest, and let us meet. Take a chance to touch the city.
We hope to give you a set of hints on how to find art in the future.

A meeting with Janek Simon – the creator of interactive installations, videos, objects, and artistic actions, drawing his inspiration from video games and the Internet. In his works, Janek uses elements of predicting the future, catastrophic themes, and the oncoming doom. His debut took the form of Carpet Invaders – a simple computer game, whose level is the picture of a carpet projected on the floor. His other work, a well-known movie 'Departure’, shows as one by one antique towers of Cracow’s buildings take off into the air, creating a new, flat cityscape. The main point of the meeting will be a presentation of the artists’ projects – those which already exist and those that are planned for the future.

KRAKERS TATTOO TOUR is an idea of a mobile exhibition – tattoo parlor. A camping truck, rented for the Krakers Weekend will become a roadshow of drawings made by Małgorzata Wielek-Mandrela. Inside you will not only be able to see the drawings, but also take one with you forever, keeping it on your skin. Our idea for a leap is to exceed the phenomenon of an exhibition and what the spectator can take out of it. In the case of our action, if the guest will decide to make the leap, he or she will be able to take a piece of presented art with them, forever, on them.