During the Faculty of Art in the City we will be presenting projects in augmented reality – a series of gallerie built in a VR environment of Mozilla Hub. Users of this platform will be able to walk around and explore the virtual expositions using their avatar. The rooms showcase works and projects created by students and employees of the Faculty of Art which gain a new context when transferred to virtual reality.

So now you know | Artist: Lidia Krawczyk

Place: ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 37 | ZNACZY SIĘ Foundation for New Art
Delegated performances will be shown on: 11.06.2021, 14.06.2021, 17.06.2021 | 3:30-6:30pm

Diverse global visual culture is dictating rules governing our points of view and overwhelming us with its magnitude. We are being attacked with pictures, gestures, things to buy, places to be and we feel obligated to adjust to this new mechanic of creating our personality just like a narcissistic person would – looking for recognition and confirmation of their status. We are creating ourselves based on an image having a message to pass. Instagram, Pinterest, Behance, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, EyeEm, Tumblr, Hotshoe, Digart, Dribble. These websites, along with press and adverts in public areas are the reality we see and underestand. With images, personas, poses and looks we build our personality, we recognize it and name it, construct and deconstruct. It’s our new language which we’re passionately using to communicate.

‘I don’t know, but I’m scared anyways’ – delegated performance | Artist: Lidia Krawczyk

Various locations
Open: 13.06.2021 between 11am and 6pm | 19.06.2021 between 11am and 6pm | 20.06.2021 between 11am and 6pm

Let’s not produce new objects.

Let’s not fill our studios and apartments with works nobody wants.

Let’s share. Give. Swap.

I draw grotesque relationships.

Crippled relations.

Twisted bodies.

We pretend. We lie. We fake. We deform.

Inside we’re scared and lost, looking for help, honesty and tenderness.

Or is it just about me?

The delegated performance was created by me to be an activity happening in the city space, in movement, in the area of institutional mobility. During gallering. I present serigraphy on secondhand clothes, pieces of fabrics, cloths etc. They all have signs of use by their previous owners, are not wanted anymore, used up, not needed.

„The best of Kino Flyer” + showing of the „Long Story…” animation Cinema Paradox | Artists: ,,The best of Kino Flyer” – students and graduates of Digital Design, Graphics, Art, Media and Art&Design faculties; ,,Long Story…” – Kacper Kordus | Curator: Wioletta Sowa

Place: Krupnicza 38 | Cinema Paradox
Showings take place 14-20.06.2021 | schedule available online: https://wydzialsztuki.up.krakow.pl/

The best of Kino Flyer is a selection of the best student’s etudes and diplomas shown on festivals in Poland and abroad. There are animations, experimental films, documents and mixes of multiple genres. The topics are as diverse as the creators’ imagination is limitless. Touching, beautiful and frightening.

During Krakers we will also show Kacper Kordus’s first ever city narration in augmented reality entitled ‘Long Story…’, made for the Artivive app. Animations placed in different spots in Cracow are a hidden dimension. You will be able to find them in locations marked on a map and see them using the aforementioned application. Although all the animations have their logical spot in the continuity it is not necessary to watch them in any particular order. Due to this the story of three friends is told in a non-linear way. Kacper Kordus is taking the audience for a kind of a hide-and-seek game between the creator and the spectator. The prize – getting to know the story and a possibility to register your own presence in an animated picture.